Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Vision
To be a leading entity in quality assurance matters at the University

The Mission
To ensure and enhance academic and service quality within academic, administrative and service departments across the University.

Core values

  1. Quality. The Bureau shall monitor the quality of teaching, research, outreach and provision of services to ensure satisfaction of the clientele and stakeholders;
  2. Productivity and team work. The Bureau staff shall collaborate with each other, clientele and stakeholders to promote optimal performance and team spirit to achieve the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the bureau;
  3. Transparency and accountability. The Bureau shall maintain a culture of ethics, transparence and accountability in dealing with her stakeholders;
  4. Professionalism. The Bureau shall uphold and promote high standards of expertise and professionalism in her mandates;
  5. Innovation. The Bureau shall strive to utilize the latest up-to-date and most appropriate technologies in achieving her objectives;
  6. Integrity. The Bureau shall promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility; and
  7. Self-development. The Bureau shall endeavor to provide opportunities for self-development to her staff.