Objectives of QAB

The following are specific objectives of quality assurance at SUA:

  1. Provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external quality assurance procedures and practices;
  2. Mainstream quality in planning, implementation and evaluation at all levels;
  3. Provide a framework for ensuring quality delivery of academic programs and other services offered within the University
  4. Propel SUA to greater achievement in development of knowledge, technology and scholarly attainment; and
  5. Contribute towards enhanced application of knowledge, technology and scholarship to solve current and emerging societal problems in the pursuit towards achieving SUA, national, regional and international development goals [1]

The achievement of these objectives shall be contributed to by the specified strategies in the QAP 2017.

[1] Relevant development goals as stipulated in various documents such as SUA CSP 2016- 2021, HEDP, NSGPR/MKUKUTA, Development Vision 2025 and Kilimo Kwanza.