The Finance department is among of the non academic departments established in 1984, by Sokoine University of Agriculture, to oversee if SUA spending is in accordance with the laid down regulations and procedures to ensure that the SUA Vision, Mission and objectives are achieved.
Generally it is responsible to ensure efficiency, security and reliability of the University assets, human resources and proper financial management system, following the Government's decision to give full mandate to SUA to operate as a fully-fledged University.


The department utilizes a financial management information system, which is the methodology and software that SUA uses to oversee and govern its income, expenses, and assets with the objectives of maximizing profits and ensuring sustainability.

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Our Vision: To be an effective and efficient facilitator of financial management of the University

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Our Mission: Is to provide responsive and customer driven financial management services through deployment of appropriate technology and customer based solution systems

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Welcome to the Finance Department

Mandate of the Department of Finance

The head of the Finance Department is the Chief Financial Officer, and he is the custodian of all University monies/funds.

He is responsible:

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Finance Department has a very challenging work and a big role to play for the University to achieve its mission and objectives. To operate efficiently and effectively the financial system should be smooth, clear and short.

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Zones Accountants

Zones Accountants are responsible to their zones, to over see all financial matters related to their zones. They are administratively directly answerable to their respective Principles, Directors, and Heads of departments and functionally to the head of finance. These zones form expenditure sections for the whole university. So far there are mainly four zones established by the finance department

Zone One

Comprises College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism; College of Agriculture, The Institute of Continuing Education, and Sokoine University National Agricultural Library. This zone is headed by Asha Bajwalah assisted by Jorum Daniel, and F. Moshy, and Paschal Salanga).

Zone Two

Comprises Solomon Mahlangu Campus College of Science and Education and the Director, (SMC). This zone is headed by Frank W. Nzuda and assisted by Boniface Malima, Amina Mhina and L. Morungu).

Zone Three

Comprises: the College of Social Sciences and Humanity, School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies, College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Pest Management Centre, Center for Information and Communication Technology, Quality Assurance and Promotion, Estate and Works department. This zone is headed by Faiza Hamidu Msheri , Assisted by N.M. Shirima, Emmanuel Mwampamba

Zone Four

Comprises two sections:
  • Central Administration and its respective departments, this sections is headed by S.B. Kasege - assisted by Zuhura Malole , Fortunata Mpeku - and Amos Makama.
  • The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies and Grants Management headed by David Mapugilo, Lilanga Mbwana , Assisted by Irene Kiwia and Grace Ashimogo